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Just felt like doodling a bit a couple of nights ago, since it'd been about a month since my last pic on the comp, and longer since i'd done any colouring. Wanted to experiment with a different style with the colours, but kind of forgot and reverted to normal after the skin ^^; Oh well. My third attempt at sketching Des out, and the one i like best so far, mistakes and all.

Tools: openCanvas 3.03E Plus, tablet
Character: Desehri Salix, another Chrysthalls side chara of mine.

The second son of a prominent Pherouxian noble and the fourth of seven children; he became the heir at age nine when his older and only brother was killed in a duel. (The city of Pheroux clung to the feudal rules on which it was founded, and by which anyone who has been wronged has the right to seek justice to their satisfaction. Not surprisingly, the patron diety of the city is that of revenge.) Des was admitted to the Hallevert Magical Academy, which he attended from age eleven up until his unnatural death. Personality-wise, Des was arrogant and charming by turns, and appeared to care for no one but himself. Which was largely true. He was however very loyal to the very few he considered friends, and cared very deeply for his family's honour.
Tags: art, chrysthalls

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